Glove Box
Nuclear Glove box
Purpose-built Glove box
  • Considerable experience with the material will ensure crack- and bubble-free realisation for many years. From the tabletop model to the accessible containment.
  • High safety standard
  • Extremely flexible in the choice of geometry
  • Realization as an inert gas box
  • The GS isolator's main scope of application is in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries.
  • Excellent accessibility of the box interior thanks to its pneumatically sealed front pane that tilts up
  • Consistent design with large radii and largely avoiding gaps enables easy cleaning of the GS isolator for batch separation.
    This avoids reservoir formation in the isolator's interior.
  • Technically very high-grade realisation, corrosion-resistant and particularly long-lived.
  • Stainless steel and safety glass structure materials
  • Explosion-protected realisation possible
  • Free choice of geometry. The GS isolator is the right one!
Nuclear Glove box
  • This glovebox has been in use in nuclear applications for almost 20 years. Highest safety standard thanks to consistent consideration of the special requirements applicable to storage and handling of radioactive substances.
  • Firmly bolted operator control side with visible and verifiable seal
  • After contamination, all feedthroughs can be exchanged without the risk of carry-over
  • Glove replacement without the risk of radioactivity leaking
  • Stainless steel and Plexiglas® structure materials; special materials possible
  • Free choice of geometry. The glovebox is the right one!
Tailored design in line with requirements