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What is the “Kakuhunter” planetary mixer (with degassing function)?

The “Kakuhunter” revolves and rotates a container that contains diverse materials in order to simultaneously mix and degas those materials quickly without using either rollers or a propeller.

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Indipendent revolve-rotate control

  • 9 revolving levels, 10 rotation levels; the number of rotations for each can be set separately
  • 90 different settings possible by combining the two operations
  • Continuous operation possible with 3 different work patterns (Step Mode)

I want to prevent material composition breakdown and material loss.

As no propellers or rollers are used, the equipment and material do not come into contact with each other, thus preventing damage to the material and controlling heat generation. Since it is unnecessary to clean the equipment as well, there is also no material loss or contamination.

I want to increase work efficiency.

Mixing time can be sharply reduced, so no preparation is necessary, thus preventing the separation and sedimentation that results from advance preparation. Example: 4 to 8 hours with a roller type mixer → 3 to 5 minutes with Kakuhunter.

I want to test mix and degas under various conditions.

Revolution speed and rotation velocity can be controlled separately, thus enabling operation setup according to the specific properties and the type of the material.

Use of the current container continuously.

Container trays and adapters corresponding to any customer-designated container can be produced. Syringe adapters are also available.

Printing ink

The setting for high viscosity mixing is a high number of revolutions and a moderate number of rotations.

LED phosphor + silicone resin

Powder dispersion and degassing are resolved using the Step Mode.

Degassing of silicone resin

The setting for degassing only is a high number of revolutions and a low number of rotations.

Aluminum powder + resin

Dispersion and degassing are resolved using the Step Mode.

Applicable to motion mixing and degassing of various kinds of materials for a wide range of uses across a variety of industrial fields

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