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Glove Box Work stations

  • GS Inert Gas Glove box
  • Glove box with Deep Freezer Cabinet
  • Glove box System with Vapour Deposition Chamber
  • Glove box with microscope and spin coater
  • OLED Glove box System
  • GS custom-built Glove boxes


  • Modular glove box for research, education and industry
  • Integrated gas purification system for cleanliness better than 1ppm O2 and H2O
  • High safety standard and convenient operation
  • Stainless steel and safety glass structure materials
  • Deep freezer cabinet down to –40 C°
  • Activated charcoal filter for solvent vapours
  • Integrated microscope with LED ring lighting
  • Integrated spin coater
  • Customized feed through
  • E-Line Purification for removal of O2 and H2O
  • Eco Mode included
  • PLC with New Intuitive GS-Software
  • Large 7” Colour-Touch-Panel
  • Easy lift up and down of the interlock door
  • Automatic Interlock Cycle
  • Trivac D16B Vacuum pump
  • Safety and Comfort Valve
  • Positive and Negative Pressure Mode
  • History for O2, H2O, Pressure + Temp.
  • USB Interface
  • LED Light


Glovebox GS MEGA

Front panel made from laminated safety glass (LSG) Sidewalls with O-ring gasket – without any adhesives for reversible dismounting and remounting Safety- and Comfort Valve – passive device for limiting differential pressure in the glove box even in case of power failure

  • pressure control in the glove box without use of vacuum pump for low-noise operation and minimized energy consumption Big automated antechamber
  • with glass doors made from special safety glass
  • GS Easy-Close for inner door, ergonomic semi-automatic closing feature
  • Solid pull-out tray for loads up to 30 kg HEPA filters class H14 Illumination with high-performance LEDs (Pure white – other colour temperatures possible)

Gas Purification GS E-Line / M-Line

New icon-based software for intuitive operation High performance blower with speed control via PLC or manual adjustment Max. Performance data

  • 120 m3/h
  • 8 kPa

All valves with automated operation Automatic time-controlled antechamber inertisation USB interface for external data logging of measured values for O2, H2O, Pressure and Filter Temperature History with graphical display of measured values for O2, H2O2, Pressure and Filter Temperature Safety-ECO Mode Operation

Siemens PLC with 7” multi colour touch screen Almost noiseless operation without vacuum pump – vacuum pump is only activated for operation of antechambers

Rotary vane vacuum pump D16B from Oerlikon-Leybold – nominal pump speed 18.9 mᶟ/h at 50Hz Automatic flushing procedure for glove box with time setting Variable alarm settings for O₂ and H₂O values


GS Glove Box Type Mega Series

Leakage according to DIN 25412 Completely of stainless steel (1.4301), one operation side Modular glove box for research, education and industry Integrated gas purification system for cleanliness better than 1ppm O2 and H2O High safety standard and convenient operation Stainless steel and safety glass structure materials Removable front screen, made of polycarbonate, Removable side panels

Standard equipments
  • glove ports diameter 220mm made of POM, white
  • gloves, made of anti-static butyl
  • security seal rings for the gloves made of Stainless steel
  • shelves – 3 shelves at the rear wall or 6 shelves (Depending on box length)
  • 2 pc DIN ISO KF40 feed through
  • 2 pc HEPA H14 filters (gas inlet / gas outlet)
  • 1 pc electro feed-through 240V incl. 6-way socket
  • 1 pc LED light strip above the front screen
  • 1 pc security and comfort valve
  • 1 pc table, height adjustable, with rolls and locking device

GS Glove Box Type E-Line/M-line Series

Single filter system for efficient removal of O₂ and H₂O Attainable purification level: < 1ppm O₂ and H₂O Capacity of purification: up to 4mᶟ glove box volume Required gas for regeneration: Inert gas with 4% – 10% H₂ Reactor capacity of purification line

  • (H2O) moisture 1400 g
  • O2 40L
Standard equipments
  • Automatic flushing of the glovebox
  • Automatic pressure control of the glovebox (±15 mbar)
  • Overpressure and under pressure selectable
  • Adjustable alarm for O2 or H2O
  • Automatic reactor valves
  • Automatic run at the reactor regeneration
  • Automatic circulation blower
  • Automatic antechamber cycle, programmable
  • 2-stage vacuum pump, 18.9mᶟ/h with oil mist filter
  • GS ECO – Safety – Mode
Vacuum Main Antechamber Stainless Steel
  • Diameter 400mm / Length 600mm
  • Inner and outer doors, hydropneumatically damped
  • EASY CLOSE FUNCTION: pivot movement ”CLOSE” automatically
  • NEW: Both doors made of glass, instead of aluminum
  • Valves (evacuating and flushing with inert gas)
  • Vacuum manometer
  • Sliding tray of stainless steel
Vacuum Mini Antechamber Stainless Steel
  • Diameter 150mm / Length 400mm
  • Equipped with 2 round doors and sliding tray
  • Vacuum manometer and three-way valve
  • Rotary vane vacuum pump D16B (Oerlikon- Leybold)
  • Pumping speed 18.9 mᶟ/h at 50Hz
  • O2-Sensor (Measurement of residual O2 in ppm 0-100 ppm, 0-1000ppm)
  • H2O-Sensor (0.01 to 13,000 ppm)



Plexiglas Glove box

Considerable experience with the material will ensure crack- and bubble-free realisation for many years.
From the tabletop model to the accessible containment.

  • High safety standard
  • Extremely flexible in the choice of geometry
  • Realization as an inert gas box


The GS isolator’s main scope of application is in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries.

  • Excellent accessibility of the box interior thanks to its pneumatically sealed front pane that tilts up
  • Consistent design with large radii and largely avoiding gaps enables easy cleaning of the GS isolator for batch separation. This avoids reservoir formation in the isolator’s interior.
  • Technically very high-grade realisation, corrosion-resistant and particularly long-lived.
  • Stainless steel and safety glass structure materials
  • Explosion-protected realisation possible
  • Free choice of geometry. The GS isolator is the right one!

Nuclear Glove box

This glovebox has been in use in nuclear applications for almost 20 years. 
Highest safety standard thanks to consistent consideration of the special requirements applicable to storage and handling of radioactive substances.

  • Firmly bolted operator control side with visible and verifiable seal
  • After contamination, all feedthroughs can be exchanged without the risk of carry-over
  • Glove replacement without the risk of radioactivity leaking
  • Stainless steel and Plexiglas®structure materials; special materials possible
  • Free choice of geometry. The glovebox is the right one!

Purpose-built Glove box

Tailored design in line with requirements

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