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Freeze Dryer:  DC401/801

Freeze Dryer equipped with cold trap


  • Contaminant free system
  • Designed with automatic safety vacuum venting system preventing oil back flow when turned off or when power failure occurs
  • Ice can be refrozen and removed smoothly from the vessel by Hot Gas Bypass System
  • Equipped with Pirani Vacuum Gauge
  • Safety Valve is linked with service receptacle for vacuum pump
  • Environment friendly coolant used for refrigeration
  • Highly mobile on wheels
Trap Cooling Temperature -45°C -85°C
Time To Reach Minimum Temperature 50 min. (20°C to -45°C) 80 min. (20°C to -80°C)
Dehumidify Amount 0.6L 1.0L
Temperature Sensor N/A Platinum resistance temperature detector Pt100Ω
Temperature Display N/A 7 segment LCD
Refrigerator Air Cooling Type, 400W Air Cooling Type, 350W
Refrigerator, Coolant R404A, Coolant amount: 300g ±5g R600a and others, mixed coolant
Compound Gauge N/A High pressure/Low pressure monitor
Bath Shape, Material Cylinder, Stainless steel
Drain Vacuum hose with stopper
Vacuum Gauge Pirani Vacuum Measure
Trap Defrost Defrosted by Hot Gas
Exhaust Port (Vacuum Pump Connection) ø17mm
Ambient Temperature Range 5~30°C
Safety Device Electric leakage breaker with over current protection, refrigerator overload relay, valve for back flow prevention
Trap Dimensions ø153 x H235mm
External Dimensions WxDxH 300 x 450 x 920 mm 405 x 500 x 1040 mm
Internal Capacity ~4L
Power Source 50/60 Hz AC115V 12A / AC220V 7A AC115V 13A / AC220V 7.3A
Weight ~60kg ~83kg
Accessories Vacuum silicone grease Vacuum silicone grease, caster stop holder 4 pcs
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