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Steam Distillation Units

The Steam Distillation Units FoodALYT D are real ‘all-rounders’ in sample preparation. With these devices, proteins, nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, volatile acids, ethanol, formaldehyde etc. can be measured in different samples.

A typical field of application is the treatment of subsequent Kjeldahl digestion by distilling ammonia in an acid receiver. Furthermore, volatile preservatives in canned fish or meat salads are distilled to subsequently carry out a photometric determination. Steam distillation is also used to separate alcohols in spirits (e. g. egg or cream liqueurs) for later quantitative analysis.

The unique versatility of the FoodALYT D units are underlined by their additional use in water and environmental chemistry for the determination of volatile organic acids (e. g. sewage sludge).

  • Stand-by operation between distillations
  • Extremely simple and fast programming per one-button operation
  • Start / Stop of the distillation via time setting
  • Optical and acoustic fault alarms
  • Door contact safety switch
  • Menu designed in various languages
  • Separate rinsing programme
  • Programmable reaction and distillation time
  • Automatic steam generation
  • Steam generating capacity adjustable from 30 to 100 %
  • Filling level monitoring for canister set
  • Various glass digestion vessels usable
  • Reagent containers: any size – F-KS canister set recommended
  • RS 232-interface
  • CE-conform and certified


Nitrogen Determination

Discover our FoodALYT systems designed for Kjeldahl nitrogen determination. These systems are used for heating samples in suitable digestion tubes to measuretotal protein content by means of Kjeldahl nitrogen determination. The FoodALYT product range includes micro and standard Kjeldahl block digestion systems, also available with fully automatic lift and infra-red quick-close units. The portfolio is complemented by the efficient process extraction and additional cooling system FoodALYT PUMP/COOL

Fat Extraction

Compact Heating Systems as well as the Serial Heating Block Systems FoodALYT RS and RT are used for standard fat extraction acc. to Soxhlet or Twisselmann. Both systems are economical and userfriendly units for extraction in this field of analysis.

  • Each sample position is individually adjustable
  • Cooling water distributor ensures even cooling at all sample positions
  • Practical stand for holding condensers securely between extractions
  • Mounts for safe holding spacers after removal of the reaction vessels
  • All systems are available as Soxhlet (RS) or Twisselmann (RT) versions
  • CE-conform and certified

Hydrolysis / Raw Fibre Analysis

The Hydrolysis Units FoodALYT RH are designed for sample preparation for fat extraction acc. to the Weibull-Stoldt method. The total fat content contains not only ‚free fats‘ but also ‚bound fats‘ which are released by means of this acid digestion method. They are the perfect supplement to the Serial Heating Block Systems FoodALYT RS and RT. The Hydrolysis Units FoodALYT RH and the Serial Heating Block Systems FoodALYT RS / RT facilitate performance of analysis for many laboratories. The determination of total fat Soxhlet, Twisselmann or Weibull-Stoldt is an important routine procedure, acc. to official methods (AOAC, § 64 LFGB).

FoodALYT Photometer Bio

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