Colony counter
Measurement machine

Measurement accuracy of this product is evaluated to be the best in Japan.

Development and production are completely carried out in Japan, and both customization and after-sales service are ensured.


  • Our unique lighting technique enables high precision measurement.
  • Overlapping colonies can be measured separately.
  • Different types of colonies can be measured separately by using different colors.
  • Equipped with 2 measurement modes: simple and standard.
  • The measurement target range with regard to colony size can be set freely.
  • Saved images can be re-measured any time.
  • Depending on the type of colony, the optimal method of monochrome conversion can be selected from four different options.
  • Counting can be manually adjusted to either plus or minus.
  • Data can be transferred to a spreadsheet.

POINT 1 Uniform lighting

Our original lighting technique provides a uniform background within the measurement area for both bright and dark fields. It selectively counts individual colonies even while taking into account subtle differences between culture medium and colony.

PSF-2000 Ununiform brightness (At the time of bright field, dark field)

The following is a result of ununiform brightness in a Petri dish confirmed by us.PSF-1000 type has a sufficient uniform brightness to count a colony,and the PSF-2000 type has even more uniform brightness.

PSF-1000 Ununiform brightness (At the time of bright field, dark field)

POINT 2 Two measurement modes

The software contains two measurement modes: one is to measure different types of colonies for research and the other is to measure a large amount of the same type of colonies for quality control and these modes can be switched for use.

Simple mode image

While displaying a live image, the brightness of the image and the threshold value for extraction of only a colony can be adjusted to set up the optimal measurement condition for counting colonies. It is suitable for counting different types of colonies during each measurement. It is easy and intuitive to operate, and respective measurement conditions can be saved and retrieved at any time.

Use Application

Convenient for research and development. Easily countable on various culture media without setting any condition.

The optimal measurement condition for each colony type can be set in advance. This mode is suitable for measuring a large amount of the same type of colonies. Detailed settings for measurement conditions are available according to the following treatment in simple mode.

  • Four types of monochrome conversion
  • Flattening of culture media with ununiform brightness
  • Excluding non-circular foreign matter, etc.
  • Separate measurements of different types of colonies by using up to four colors.

Use Application

Convenient for inspection. Counts some samples on the same culture medium.

POINT 3 Four types of monochrome conversion

To separate a colony from a culture medium, the monochrome conversion method with optimal contrast can be selected. (Standard mode only)

  • Original image

  • Simple monochrome conversion

  • Monochrome conversion With B-component

  • Monochrome conversion with G-component

  • Monochrome conversion with R-component extraction

The higher the contrast is between a culture medium and a colony, the higher the degree of precision for measurement. In the case of the left image, monochrome conversion with G-component extraction provides a higher degree of precision for measurement than simple monochrome conversion.

Model PSF-3000 PFF-2000 PSF-1000
Body dimensions About W280 × D320 × H620 About W300 × D350 × H620
weight Body about 17Kg Body about 15Kg
Power AC100V 50 / 60Hz
System configuration Body, data - processing for the desktop personal computer, 17 inches monitor
Operating environment Temperature 10 ℃ ~ 35 ℃, humidity 20% to 80%
Camera resolution 1.5 million pixel CCD 2.3 million pixel CMOS
Camera specifications Color specification
Measurement object Viable bacteria colonies on a petri dish
Dish size 90mmφ dish below
Measurement size 0.1mm / 90mm field of view
time to calculate About 1 to 3 seconds / 1 dish
The maximum number of counts Viable bacteria colony: about 8000
Lighting technique Dark field, bright field, dome-side light, the upper side light illumination Dark field, bright field, dome side light illumination options upper side light illumination

Through special software of image analysis, non-contact length measurement machine

Possible to check outline shape or surface,geometry

Taking the advantage of strenghts od "Made in Japan", we/SK will guarantee long dimension measurement based on a machine precision.

We/SK will respect image processing technoliogy that enables correspondence to next generation