Carbolite Ovens
and Furnaces
Laboratory Ovens  
AX 2500 C Apex General Purpose Laboratory Ovens
PN & PF 3000 C Peak General Purpose Laboratory Ovens
LHT 4000 C 5000 C & 6000 C Laboratory High Temperature Ovens
AAF 12/18 1200°C Ashing-Plus Furnace
GP 3000 C General Purpose Ovens
HT 400C 500o C & 600o C Industrial High Temperature Ovens
LGP 200o C, 620o C & 700o C Large General Purpose Ovens
Clean Room Ovens
CR 2500 C Clean Room Ovens
HTCR 400o C , 500o C & 600o C High temperature Clean Room Ovens Bespoke Ovens
Application Specific Ovens
GCC -60o C to 200o C Gas Cooled Chambers
MFS 200o C Minimum Free Space Oven for BS 1016 : Parts 1,34:1999 (ISO 11722 :1999)
PO/350     250o C Thermoplastic Sheet Preheating Ovens
DO/200     300o C Thermoplastic Draping Ovens
TLD 400o C Rapid Cooling Ovens
HTMA 400o C , 500⁰ C & 600o C High Temperature Modified Atmosphere Ovens
Block Bath Devices
SCBO 250o C Cell Block Ovens
MBB    250o C & 400o C Metal Block Baths
Ovens Options
Ovens Options – Temperature  Control
Oven Options- Temperature Control
Oven Options- Chart Recorders & DAQs
Oven Options- Certificate & Standards