Magnetic Stirrer
Magnetic Stirrer
Magnetic Stirrer
  • HS2 magnetic stirrers are highly chemical resistant to acid, alkali and oil. Ideal for all types of laboratory stirring and heating applications. High level of safety thanks to the improved heat control technology. These stirrers give high level of reliability even at low speed and high temperatures. The stirring speed is controlled by electronic circuit and temperature is controlled by closed loop thermostat control.
  • Magnetic stirrers with new flat and round hot plate
  • Highly reliable temperature control
  • All units come with a heating power of 500 W for fast heating-up
  • Hot plate temperature range: 50 - 250째C, Medium Temperature range: up to 200 째C
  • High-efficiency motor with low power consumption
  • Wide speed range up to 1400 rpm
  • Excellent stirring results in volumes up to 10 liters (H2O)
  • Enhanced heavy-duty stirring magnet drives stirring bars with ease
  • Maintenance-free motors with smooth start feature
  • Safety logic for Auto Cut Off of heating plate temperature when using digital temperature controller optional available for this model.
  • Stand support to save space and avoid additional accessories
Technical Data
No. of stirring 1 Heating Temperature range 40-200
Stirring quantity max. 20 Heat Control Accuracy
Motor rating Input (W) 17 Safety Logic 300
Motor Ratimg Output (W) 20 Ext. Temperature Sensor N/a
Speed Display None Set up plate material alloy Aluminum
Speed range 150-1400 Hot plate dimensions (mm) 148 diameter
Stirring Bath max (mm) 80 Permissible ambient temperature 5 to 40
Heat Output (W):500 Voltage (V) 220-240
Heat range Frequency (Hz) 50
Heating Temperature range:40-200 Power Input (W) 520
Storage Bins
ICEMATIC storage bins are specially designed to fit the different models of modular ice makers with vertical evaporator and flake ice machines.
Model   D101 D201 D310 DR180 D500 D700
Capacity Kg 100 150 210 180 467 676
Dimensions width mm 565 765 1075 673 1321 1524
septh mm 795 795 785 1011 801 992
height mm 1035 1035 980 985 1270 1537
Accessories   -- NKF201
SP 180 NKF 500 NKF 700
Matchable models   F120 / F200 F120 /
SF300/ SF500 SF 500
SFN 1000
Mod. Dep / Bin        
F120 D 101 D 201 D 301 DR 180    
F200 D 101 D 201 D 301 DR 180    
SF 300   D 201 D 301 DR 180 D500 D700
SF 500   D 201 D 301 DR 180 D500 D700
SFN 1000         D500 D700