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Adilabtech was started in the year 2010, and is now known as, Adilab Technologies Pvt Ltd, since 2014.It is head quartered in Bangalore and has extended its presence into major territories of South and West part of India, with branch offices in Pune, Chennai, Trivandrum and Hyderabad. We look forward to expand into rest of the premium regions, in near future.Our instruments fulfil routine as well as research needs of our customers, in market segments like:Education institutes,Universities,Pharma,CROs and Industries.


To serve science by delivering distinct and innovative products with unrivalled magniture in terms of product breadth, geographical reach and brand identity, thereby fulfilling the basic and advanced laboratory needs of the customer.

Our People and Culture:

Since we are a young company, we strive to maintain an open culture where everyone is a proactive contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. We have great mix of young minds and experienced heads. The experienced heads in our company have been in the industry for more than 25 years. Our marketing and management teams are well equipped with the knowledge of products assigned and well versed to tackle application based queries. Thus we ensure the instruments are always in line with the requirements of the Customer. To assist the customer, we currently have service centres in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad. All our service engineers are factory trained with hands on experience of all instruments in our product range. Hence, we are geared up to cater to service needs effectively without hindering the work of our Customers.

Our People and Culture

[mvc_team_profile member_visibility=”outset” image_id=”3487″ memb_name=”B.K Sathyanarayana” memb_prof=”CEO(Masters in Science)” memb_about=”Mr. B.K Sathyanarayana, is in the field of Scientific equipment industry since, 25years. He carries huge customer loyalty from varied market segments ranging from Universities, Research, Pharma to other education sectors.As Chief Executive, he is responsible for the external matters of Adilabtech like; building broader business relationships. With this rich experience he brings in a lot of focus and inspiration to our company.” memb_email=”” info_clr=”#09a223″ info_size=”25″ member_clr=”#09a223″]
[mvc_team_profile member_visibility=”outset” image_id=”3491″ memb_name=”Kiran G.S” memb_prof=”Regional Manager, Pune B.E (Mech.Engineer)” memb_about=”Mr. Kiran is the dynamic member of our management team and has around 18years of experience in the scientific equipments industry. He has handled many top principal products and has great customer relationship. He has a strong hold in the market, particularly in Universities and Research centres in West India.He is also a key person in initiating company’s important decisions on customer, product and strategy.” memb_email=”” info_clr=”#09a223″ member_clr=”#09a223″]
[mvc_team_profile member_visibility=”outset” image_id=”3476″ memb_name=”K.Gopi” memb_prof=”Regional Head, Tamil Nadu (B.E, E&C )” memb_about=”Mr. Gopi has a rich 20 years experience in this industry and has been marketing several top scientific equipment brands over the years.He is well versed with the market that has rich chunk of prestigious Universities, Premium Research institutes and important customer base, under his belt. Along with our other experienced heads, he too involves in major decision making, both internal and external to the company.” memb_email=”” info_clr=”#09a223″]
[mvc_team_profile member_visibility=”outset” image_id=”4427″ memb_name=”Karunakar Reddy A” memb_prof=”Regional Manager (MSc Pharmaceutical Chemistry)” memb_about=”Mr. Karunakar is the Regional Manager at our Hyderabad branch. Because of his strong knowledge in Chemistry he understands the Pharma and Research applications and provides suitable solutions to the customers. Having worked both as an Analytical Chemist as well as Product Manager in his previous tenure, he has the right mix of skills to deliver the best in the industry. He is responsible for the business of all our products in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh regions, which is the strong Pharma belt of the country.” memb_email=”” info_clr=”#09a223″ info_size=”25″]
[mvc_team_profile member_visibility=”outset” memb_name=”Sukruth Umapathi” memb_prof=”Product Manager (B.E Mech. Engineer, MBA)” memb_about=”Having previously worked in manufacturing industry for 7 years, Mr. Sukruth caters to the Industrial segment and brings to them the technology of our products. He handles our new product range and provides application support to the customers. He has the expertise to understand the customer/ industry specific requirements and offers the best solution available. He is our key person in reaching out to new and emerging market segments in our territories.” memb_email=”” info_clr=”#09a223″ image_id=”4293″]
[mvc_team_profile member_visibility=”outset” image_id=”3493″ memb_name=”Swathi S” memb_prof=”Business Development Manager B.E , MBA (UK)” memb_about=”Ms. Swathi holds bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Masters Degree in Marketing from Cardiff University, UK. She oversees all revenues, customer operations, as well as marketing and product development. She is involved in administration of the company’s business strategy alongside brand image management. As business development manager, she works to expand the company’s product reach, identify new markets and attract new customers.” memb_email=”” info_clr=”#09a223″ info_size=”25″]
[mvc_team_profile member_visibility=”outset” image_id=”3495″ memb_name=”Jagadish Sheregar” memb_prof=”Manager Customer Support (Dipl Electronics)” memb_about=”Mr. Jagadish, has been working as service engineer since, 8 years. He has experience in servicing all General lab equipments and both scientific and research instruments.He and his team ensure timely and quick service of instruments and are always available for customers to communicate the issues and resolve them at the earliest.” memb_email=”” info_clr=”#09a223″]
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