Soil centrifuge H1400PF


  • Low center of gravity design and Brush less high frequency motor.
  • Maximum speed 8,000rpm, maximum centrifugal force 14,040xg.
  • wide range of rotor Large capacity (3000ml X 4) Multi Book Rack (15ml X 200 )

Optional: explosion proof, we will manufacture in accordance with the special specifications.

  • Memory function is equipped for start quick operation.
  • Savable 6 data files for normal operation 4 data files for Step operation, 1 data file for Density gradient operation mode.
  • Automatic rotor identification sensor.
  • Safety function equipped self-diagnosis display function and alarm.

Step operation

Speed, Time, Accel/Decel can set as 1
step, setting step can combine and set
up to 6 steps

Density gradient operation

Accel time of 0 to 1,500rpm and Natural Decel time of 1,
500rpm to 0 are settable.

To prevent swirling of the separated sample.



Max RPM8000 RPM
Max RCF14,040 [ X g ]
Max Capacity12,000 ml
Settable RPMDigital display 10[rpm]~8,000[rpm] (settable per 10/100rpm)
Settable RCFDigital display 10[×g]~14,040 [×g] (settable per 10/100×g)
TemperatureDigital display -45[℃]~+45[℃] (settable per 1 [℃])
TimerDigital display 1~999[min]1~999[sec](settable per 1[sec]/1[min]) with hold
ControlMicro computer & Inverter control
Memory function6 data files (SPEED ×g, TIME, ACCEL, DECEL)
Step mode operation3 data files
Acceleration3 steps
Deceleration3 steps + Natural deceleration
Power sourceIn accordance with your country's power output


Maximum speed14,000rpm
The maximum centrifugal force25,220 × g
Maximum throughput3,000mL (500mL × 6 pcs.)
controlInverter, computer control
Revolution indicator0 ~ 14,000rpm (digital)
Timer1 to 9 min digital
motorInduction motor
Power supplyAC3φ 200V 50 / 60Hz
Size700 (W) × 860 (D) × 980 (H) (1,190mm to panel)