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Homogenizer kits

a) Homogenizer kits(image):

    Omni Tip™ Homogenizing Kits include everything you need to homogenize. These kits can be used to process sample sizes from 0.25mL to 30mL with Omni Tips & <200µL to 100mL with optional stainless steel probes.

    Processing Range (With Omni Tips): 0.25mL-30mL

    Power Rating: 125 watt

    Speed Control: Variable from 5,000-35,000rpm

    Dimensions: 16cm(6.5in) height, 5.1cm(2in) diameter.

    Sound Level: < 72 db.

Omni TH

b) Omni TH

    The redesigned Omni TH is a powerful Tissue Homogenizer designed to handle a wide range of laboratory samples from <200µL to 100mL. The TH can usually process a tissue sample in less than 30 seconds and is compatible with a wide variety of generator probes for flexibility in application requirements.

    Processing Range (With Omni Tips): 0.25mL-30mL

    Power Rating: 125 watt

    Speed Control: Variable from 5,000-35,000rpm

    Dimensions:16cm(6.5in) height, 5.1cm(2in) diameter.

    Sound Level: < 72 db.

Omni THQ-Digital

c) Omni THQ-Digital

    Homogenize more reliably & more comfortably with the Omni THQ,a digital tissue homogenizer that provides extremely accurate and repeatable results in a lightweight, hand-held design. It includes an integrated digital speed display that ensures consistent results for a variety of laboratory applications.

    Processing range: <200µL to 100mL

    Processing Range: <200µL-100mL (with stainless steel probes) 0.25mL-30mL (with Omni Tips)

    Power Rating: 40 watts

    Speed Control: Variable from 8,000-35,000rpm (increments of .5 or 500rpm)

    Dimensions:Height: 19.69cm (7.75 in) height, 6.03cm (2.375 in) max. diameter

    Dimensions:< 65 db.

Omni TissueMaster

d)Omni TissueMaster

    The economically priced Tissue Master 125 is well suited for customers who homogenize with little variation in sample size. It comes complete with a 5mm, 7mm or 10mm stainless steel generator probe that can handle a variety of different types of samples.

    Processing Volume Ranges

  • with 5mm Probe: <200µL-5mL
  • with 7mm Probe: 0.25mL-30mL
  • with 7mm Probe: 0.25mL-30mL
  • Power Rating: 125 watt

    Speed Control: Variable from 5,000-35,000rpm

    Dimensions:Height: 11.5in. (29.21 cm), Diameter: 5.5 in. (13.97 cm)

    Sound Level: < 72 db.

Micro Homogenizer

e)Micro Homogenizer

    The Omni µHb, Micro Homogenizer is a hand-held homogenizer specifically designed for small non-fibrous samples in low volumes. The µHb is battery operated for mobility in field-testing. It is optimal for environmental samples but can handle a wide range of other applications. Patented Omni or Stainless Steel Generator Probes allow for greater flexibility in processing options.

    Processing Range: <200µL-100 mL

    Power Rating: 35 watt, 8.75 VDC (max)

    Speed Control: Continuous at 25,000 rpm, Pulse at 35,000 rpm

    Optional Power Base Transformer/Speed Control: Continuously variable 10,000 to 30,000 rpm

    Battery Pack: 8,75 VDC, 1.6 amp-hr

    Dimensions:Height: 5.5 in. (14 cm), Diameter: 1.75 in. (4.5 cm)

    Sound Level: < 65 db.

Omni Ultra Shear

f)Omni Ultra Shear

    The Omni Ultra Shear offers superior, magnetic drive technology in a compact and reliable laboratory homogenizer. The lack of a standard motor and mechanical couplings results in ultra smooth and ultra quiet operation. The Ultra Shear is also simple to operate and requires very little maintenance. This system is ideal for homogenizing and suspending of small lab samples.

  • Maintenance free magnet coil drive
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Lack of a fan makes this unit ideal for use in clean room applications
  • Simple to operate
  • Design allows for sample cooling during processing
  • Processing Range: 0.8mL-10mL

    Power Rating: 24 watt

    Speed Control: Variable from 15,000-75,000rpm

    Dimensions:Height: 197mm, Diameter: 125mm

    Sound Level: < 55 db.